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Why Are Women So Obsessed With Marriage Proposals?  


Why Are Women So Obsessed With Marriage Proposals?  

21-26-44-o-public-marriage-proposal-facebookWe all know how obsessed women can be about proposals. Not necessarily marriage but proposals.

They love to exchange  stories about how their boyfriend’s went overboard to make sure she was presented  with a ring in the most elaborate way.  Some even warn their men about how glamorous and romantic  they want their proposals to turn out,  even if they were to act surprised.
It’s like a competition and whoever has the most romantic proposal wins. Frankly, this is madness!

Talking with a few close friends of mine, they laid out their various complaints.

Man A said his girlfriend warned him not to propose to her in front of a huge crowd,  even threatened to leave him if he does.

Man B said his girlfriend kept comparing him to her fried who recently  got proposed to. saying that her now fiancé took her skydiving  jet and proposed to her over Dubai while they jumped out of the plane. This particular  guy can’t even climb to the top of a 15ft ladder because he is petrified of heights.

Man C said the diamond she expects should be as big as her grandmothers kneecap. He particularly told me that what he had budgeted for the engagement ring was roughly N100k. Worse still he had already bought the ring he wanted to proposed to her with the following week…. yawa.

From what I can conclude, these guys were panicking more about trying to impress their girlfriends rather than the actual reason why they wanted to propose. That was the problem.

Getting any man up to the point where he decides to spend the rest of his life with you takes a whole lot of patience.  They why should  everything rely on a petty proposal?  The truth is only 12% of men in the world are NATURALLY romantic so if he decides to try and go as far as arranging a REASONABLE proposal then you should give him some kudos.

It’s not about how well, it’s about why he wanted to propose which is the whole idea entirely. 

To be continued….. 

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