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Beware Of Fraudsters On Instagram: Lady Narrates How She And Her Sister Were Almost Mobbed By Phone Seller At Computer Village 


Beware Of Fraudsters On Instagram: Lady Narrates How She And Her Sister Were Almost Mobbed By Phone Seller At Computer Village 

Kenny @abbylove on Instagram has narrated how a fraudulent company masquerading as phone sellers on Instagram almost got them mobbed by touts because they refused to be swindled. 

Read the how she narrates the ordeal, with videos below:

PART1: My name is Kehinde, this story happened to my twin sister & i. So we went to ikeja computer village to get an iPhone7+. We decided to go through a well known popular page on Instgram @Phone4all introduced to me by my friend. On getting there, the so called boss called “Ibrahim” was not available so we had to go through his workers which unfortunately turned out to be touts. Ibrahim kept forcing us to get a 128GB iPhone7+ for a good deal of 440k instead of 490k like he claimed(speaking to him on the phone), of which initially we wanted 32GB. But because of his insistence and respect I have for him, decided to follow through. On getting the phone, thankfully we opened it right in front of his workers. Although we removed the wrapping, the phone looked nothing like brand new. It was well packaged and very well deceiving. The phone had scratches all over and looked like a used phone. We told them we wanted a change that this is a used phone, or they should refund us, they kept begging us to take it that they will buy us phone casing & screen guard. We refused. They kept gallivanting the whole place as if we were there to beg them for money. I kept calling the “boss” Ibrahim, he refused to pick up, when he finally reached out to me, he sent a text saying “he couldn’t talk right now”. After screaming the whole place down, Ibrahim instructed them to give us another brand new iPhone 7+ (128gb). On giving us, as we were about to leave, one of the workers (the guy wearing the pink stripped shirt) said to my sister & I that we can’t leave, we have to wait for ibrahim “the boss” to come. My sister taiwo was still talking to them asking them why, I was so upset after the whole charade and asked my sister to give me the car keys and meet me outside not knowing I was leaving her in the hands of a devil. I was waiting outside for a good whole 2 minutes not know the man in pink has rough handled my sister to the point of almost stripping her naked. I went back upstairs to find out what the problem was and was trying to intervene, he pushed me back so hard I was almost falling down the staircase.” 

PART 2:The man in pink said Mr Ibrahim his boss had instructed not to allow us leave, and he started accusing us of not paying, after we had given him a whopping sum of 440,000NGN. Till this very minute, I’m still confused how someone can be so wicked and treat another human like this. At this point, his fellow riff raffs had come out and of course backing him up and asking us to shut up treating us like peasants. At this point I brought out my phone and started to record him, my sister was already tearing up, I was crying too because we were both helpless. After the drama was getting out of hand, he finally left her and we went to the police station in computer village to report the incident. We followed the police to go pick him up and I brought out my phone and started to record again, this is where the lady in pink (DEVIL2) and the boy in red lashed out at me and attacked me asking me not to record, my phone fell but thankfully didn’t break, Thank God for the police woman who helped me, they were finally able to pick him up and that is him in the other video signing an undertaking at the police station. He also issued an apology which wasn’t and still isn’t enough. God help us in this Nigeria. I pray nobody falls a victim of a situation like this in the hands of @phone4all because they resell used phones as brand new. This is a video of the repackaged used phone as brand new they wanted to sell to us. I’m sorry my post may offend some members of that company who has already apologized, but it is what it is and am sorry too. P.s An open letter to the lady in pink, I hope you get married or have a boyfriend /man who uses u as a punching bag to teach you a lesson because your mouth is too wide opened .

This story really goes to show that more and more fraudsters are joining Instagram masquerading as real businesses. 

The handle again is @phone4all.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. OMG!!! It's JIK

    January 6, 2017 at 2:45 am

    Now, the Seun Egbegbe saga @ the computer village is getting more confusing with this new development!

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