Trouble In Paradise! Is Melania Trump About to Divorce Donald Trump?


If there is one person in the White House feeling as depressed as millions of Americans, it looks like it’s  First Lady, Melania Trump. And since her husband has broken every norm as president, then she can, too – divorce him!

When Donald Trump jetted off to Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum on Jan. 24, his wife was very notably missing. The First Lady Melania Trump, cancelled her plans to accompany her husband, supposedly, for “scheduling and logistical issues.” It seemed like a super ridiculous excuse.

After all, wouldn’t she have known for weeks or even months that the president was scheduled to give a keynote speech to the world’s elite political and business leaders? Of course she would.

No, it wasn’t logistical reasons that forced the First Lady to ‘regrettably’ not accompany her husband, unless the logistics were that she just couldn’t force her legs to walk next to him onto a plane and then to any number of fancy Davos events.

Who could blame Melania for not being able to fake a smile as well as leg movements by the side of her husband, when just days before, the news had broken that he had an alleged affair with a porn star, four months after she had given birth to the couple’s son Barron, now 11.

The alleged affair with Stormy Daniels went on for 11 months and Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, allegedly gave her $130,000 in exchange for her silence, just weeks before the 2016 election. Since the bombshell news broke, Stormy has been splashed all over the news and gave an interview on Inside Edition on Jan. 25, while InTouch magazine printed an old interview with her in which she talked about sex with Trump, and quoted him telling her not to worry about his wife, Melania.

If Melania had jauntily flown off to Davos with Donald, it actually would have seemed down right weird, in light of the Stormy scandal. Why wouldn’t Melania be hurt, humiliated, furious, freaked for her son, Barron, and deeply embarrassed in front of the world? Any woman would be.

She looks miserable as First Lady — have you ever seen her crack a smile? She cried her eyes out on election night when Donald won the presidency, according to Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff, who also says they fought on Inaugural Day.

She didn’t move from Trump Tower in NYC into the White House until five months after her husband took up residence, and even there, they sleep in separate bed rooms.

Since her move to DC, we have barely seen her in public. When we do, she’s almost aways unsmiling, hidden behind dark sunglasses and looking deeply disconnected from Donald. And then, there was the hand swat incident when the Trumps arrived in Israel on a state visit and Melania pushed away Donald’s hand when he tried to hold hers.

There’s clearly very little, if any, physical intimacy between the two — they have those separate White House bedrooms and lead completely separate lives. There are no reports of nightly or even weekly family dinners with Barron. They  don’t entertain.

As a couple, you are polar opposites of the Obamas — loving, life partners, confidants and both deeply involved with raising their daughters as well as in improving the lives of millions of Americans.

Melanie has already endured the humiliation of  the Access Hollywood “pussy grabbing” tape and the accusations of sexual harassment from over 20 women.

With all of these going on in the white house who can guess what is next.

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