Thief Takes Selfie With Stolen Phone, Uploads On Owner’s WhatsApp Story


Nigerian thief who played dumb with a phone he stole, has been nabbed after he took a selfie and uploaded it on the owner’s WhatsApp story.

Thief Takes Selfie With Stolen Phone, Uploads On Owner’s WhatsApp Story

Twitter user @i_viiy who shared a photo of the Nigerian thief who took over the owner’s WhatsApp story, wrote;

This man stole my mom’s phone and has been uploading his pictures on WhatsApp story. Whose mcm oo

He should at least delete the WhatsApp and reinstall it with his number, but no. Olodo

Few months ago, a similar incident played out after a man took to his Facebook page to beg the thief that stole his phone to return it to him. The thief whose name was not given, reportedly took over the Whatsapp profile of a man whose phone he had stolen earlier. According to the original owner of the phone, Chris Martin II, who shared his plight on Facebook, the man stole his valuables alongside his phone and he was able to get hold of the thief’s pictures after he shared them on Whatsapp.

Sharing the story on Facebook, Chris wrote:

“Phone Thief!!! So, whoever this guy is stole my phone and my valuables. My phone pouch had several of my credit cards, bank debit cards, full British Drivers License, Nigerian Drivers License, business cards and other very important stuff that I hold dear. The audacious thief was foolish enough to stunt with my whatsapp profile on the stolen phone.

This is obviously how I got these pictures of him. All entreaties to him to return my stolen properties has been to no avail. Honestly, the importance of any phone isn’t the monetary value but the value of all the important information stored inside. I need my items back. I don’t care about getting him arrested, I just want my phone and my stuff back.

Please help me restore faith in humanity. Help me find this guy. I believe someone on here must know this chap. He must be based in PH City. Please share until we find him. Many thanks in advance.”

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