Make Prayer Your Secret Source/Sauce


Make Prayer Your Secret Source

‘A day without prayer is a boast to God’. This is one of the most profound things I’ve ever heard, thanks to Transformation Church ‘s Pastor Mike Todd. ( You can check out TC’s Youtube page here HERE,  you will be glad you did!)

What that statement basically means is that when you don’t pray, and give him your time, you’re indirectly telling God you can go through the day without his help.

What is interesting is that you may say you are busy. Busy doing what exactly? Going to the job that he gave you, or tending to the children he blessed you with? Preparing for opportunities he brought? Everything we have and are is because of him.

So this year, make him priority  by dedicating time to him daily. Mornings are very key but through out the day you can still communicate with him in your heart and even steal a few minutes to just thank him. There really is no excuse not to pray.

No matter how busy you are, you can still make it a habit to talk to God and find time for him. On some days you may have a lot of time, other days not so much, but the most important thing is to give him your time consistently, and communicate with him on a daily basis.

On a final note I know it’s won’t be easy all the time. By virtue of the flesh, and as a progressing Christian, sometimes, you may get lazy to pray. And this is why asking help from the Holy Spirit is important. With his help, you will be strengthened to pray, as well as not pray amiss.

Also, it is very key to ask and pray to God to make you ‘A person of prayer‘ , and ask him to help you love prayer. When you do this, he will over time transform your heart and you will see progress in your prayer life.

I enjoin you to make prayer your secret source/sauce and weapon( in Pastor Mike Todd’s words-he inspired this actually) and watch God move in your life. The power of consistent prayer can NEVER be overemphasised.

I hope this blesses someone today. If thats you, please leave a comment. God bless you.

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    It blessed me!!!

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