“Three New Suspected Cases Of Coronavirus Under Isolation In Lagos” – Commissioner for Health, Professor Akin Abayomi


Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Professor Akin Abayomi, has revealed that there are currently three suspected cases of Coronavirus that are now under Isolation in the state.

The Commissioner, who made this known via a tweet on his official Twitter page, added that one of the suspected cases is a Nigerian that just returned from France, the second just returned from England while the third suspected case is of an individual who just returned from China.

Professor Abayomi stated that the Nigerian man from France arrived on March 2nd after spending seven days in France and was down with headache and some respiratory symptoms. 

He noted that;

Because he has been in a country where there is active person-to-person transmission, it could be a common cold and there is a possibility it could be Coronavirus. He has been put in isolation, the test is being run right now, I am expecting the result.

At a press briefing on March 5, Professor Abayomi gave an update on the Italian man who is the only confirmed case of the disease in Nigeria.

The Commissioner said the Italian was responding to treatment and improving daily.

As of today (Thursday), he is in a better spirit, he requires some psycho-social support, because he was getting depressed being in isolation, and the only person in the ward, and of course very few visitors and his family is not here.

He has been receiving phone calls because we provided him with a phone with enough airtime and wifi for him to be in touch with his family, friends and the Embassy here, with the Consulate being very supportive.

We have also provided some psychological support to him, some specialists have been in touch with him.

Abayomi noted that his last viral note was reducing, showing that he was recovering, saying if the trend continues, he would be released soon.

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