Twitter CEO, Dorsey Cancels Plans To Move To Africa, Says Tweet Was A Mistake

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Twitter, Jack Dorsey

However, Dorsey has now said that he needs to re-evaluates his plans about living in Africa due to the Coronavirus outbreak amongst other things 

The CEO, while speaking at speaking at an investor conference, had explained that he needed to re-evaluate his plans due to the Coronavirus outbreak amongst others.

He said;

When I tweeted about my intention to spend a few months in Africa this year, I made a mistake and should have provided more context about why. The continent will be one of the most populated in the next 20-30 years, and room for tech innovation there is incredible, but in light of COVID-19 and everything else going on I need to reevaluate. Either way, we’ll continue to pursue opportunities in Africa.

Aside from Coronavirus, Dorsey risks being replaced as Chief Executive Officer of the company he co-founded due to the new activist investors that are currently rooting for his removal. 

Last Week, reports had said Elliott Management had acquired nearly 5% in Twitter and is now pushing for the removal of Dorsey as CEO. It has also nominated four members to Twitter’s board.

The firm pushed for the change stating that Dorsey’s attention is divided between running Twitter and his financial transactions startup Square, and that Dorsey intends to live part of each year in Africa.

Dorsey said he remained capable of managing the two San Francisco-based tech firms.

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