Seyitan Has Been Detained By Police – Journalist Kiki Mordi Cries Out About Lady Who Accused Dbanj Of Rape


Lady who accused dbanj of rape arrested
Babatayo, who accused singer D’banj of rape, has reportedly been in detention since she was arrested in Lagos on Tuesday.

Babatayo’s lawyers, Ojoge, Omileye, and Partners, had confirmed her arrest late Tuesday, Premium Times reports.

Her lawyers said;

They arrested Seyitan this morning (Tuesday) in Lagos. They arrested our client but somebody is already there to facilitate her release on bail. This matter is coming to Abuja by tomorrow (Wednesday); we are petitioning. The Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) is taking up the petition tomorrow (Wednesday). That is all I can say about it for now.

In a new development, a journalist, Kiki Mordi, has now cried out that the alleged rape victim is still being detained and has been denied any legal representation since her arrest.

Her family members and friends have also been denied access to her.

Kiki Mordi wrote;

Seyitan accused D’Banj a couple of weeks before this article of sexual assault. Yesterday at about noon, Seyitan was and is still detained in Sodipo Ikeja and hasn’t been granted access to friends, family or a lawyer lawyers.

Article from an unknown source about D’Banj talking about his scandal free life
Article from an unknown source about D’Banj and his ‘scandal free’ life.

The investigative journalist added that;

I have reason to believe his deal has been delayed (which is the right thing to do) and this has led to D’Banj and his team coming after everyone including his ex manager who corroborated Seyitan’s story.

According to her, Babatayo has allegedly been coerced into recanting her accusations against the artiste, adding that;

Mordi stated;

I maintain that there is NO reason she has been held for that long in a police cell. She is not the first woman who has ended up in jail for telling their abuse story in the past couple of weeks!

This comes a day after Dbanj, through his lawyers, demanded the sum of N100 million from Babatayo as compensation for the rape accusation and a written apology within 48 hours or face legal action.

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It would be recalled on June 3rd, Seyitan’s friend, Benjamin Ese, accused the musician of raping his friend on December, 30 2018.

Seyitan later came forward to identity herself as the alleged victim, demanding a public and private apology from the singer about the allegation.

The report of Seyitan Babatayo’s arrest, as at press time, was yet to be confirmed by the Lagos State police command.

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