Mirror: A Captivating And Intriguing Movie


Mirror: A Captivating And Intriguing Movie
Title: Mirror (Jigi)
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 1hr: 30mins
Starring: Adeniyi Johnson, Deborah Ogunsola, Rotimi Salami, Peters Ijagbbemi, Aina Gold, Owolabi Ibrahim.

Mirror is a beautifully crafted and intriguing movie where viewers are served with heart touching scenes stemming from the resilience of a young man who defied all odds to achieve his dreams.

Set in Lagos, Nigeria, Mirror typifies the tenacity and industriousness in many Nigerian youths who despite many obstacles strive to achieve success in a legal way.

When Toke (Deborah Ogunsola), a young successful media executive meets Jare (Adeniyi Johnson) a dropout newspaper vendor, they both had no clue the meeting was going to change their lives for the better.

He never knew that she was going to have an impact on him to achieve his dream of becoming a graduate and little did she know that his advise will be invaluable to unraveling the misery behind her father’s ill health.

The plot of the movie is well put together as the simplicity of the dialogue, good subtitling, nice cinematic overlay and real depiction of friendship sweetens the movie flavour.

The conflict of the movie does not end like a typical Nigerian movie as Toke and Jare did not end up as lovers despite touching each other’s life, instead they became great friends reminding us that true friendship can happen between a man and a woman with no strings attached.

Mirror is a must see movie. It is educating, inspiring, thought provoking, and full of life lessons.

Click the link below to watch https://youtu.be/AwJzAM7up_g

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