Trump Being Treated With Antiviral Drug, ‘Resting Comfortably’ In Hospital – Doctor


President Donald Trump wears face mask for the first time in publicUS President Donald Trump has repeatedly been placed on antiviral drug, Remdesivir and is “resting comfortably” after himself and his wife, Melania tested positive for the coronavirus.

Trump’s illness, which was first announced to the world through his Twitter account in the early hours of Friday, has upended the presidential race, with just 32 days to go until the election.

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His doctor, Sean P Conley said this late on Friday in a statement released by the White House after Trump was admitted to the Walter Reed medical centre.

The White House stated that;

He is not requiring any supplemental oxygen, but in consultation with specialists we have elected to initiate remdesivir therapy.

He has completed his first dose and is resting comfortably.

The effectiveness of remdesivir, a drug originally developed by pharmaceutical giant Gilead to treat Ebola, is uncertain.

This is as some research suggesting it can reduce recovery time and other research saying it has no benefits at all for COVID-19 patients.

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Its makers say it can significantly reduce the chances of death in severe cases of COVID-19.

In a tweet, Trump himself said;

Going well, I think! Thank you to all. LOVE!!!

The president was flown to the Walter Reed hospital, a military facility that has historically treated presidents, by helicopter earlier on Friday out of what the White House said was an “abundance of caution”.

He walked out of the White House on his own and without assistance, giving a thumbs up as he boarded the Marine One helicopter.

In an 18-second video released before he set off, he was shown standing and wearing a blue suit and tie.

The 74-year-old US president, who is in the high-risk category because of his age and weight, has exhibited what his staff called “mild symptoms”.

He has also been given an experimental antibody cocktail produced by drug-maker Regeneron.

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