Police Parade Suspects To Counter Allegations Of Photoshopped Pictures (Videos)


Police Parade Suspects To Counter Allegations Of Photoshopped PicturesNigerian Police Force have paraded some crime suspects during a media briefing to counter allegations of photoshopping pictures of suspects shared via its Twitter handle on Tuesday, December 1.

On Tuesday, NPF in its first Twitter post, shared a photo with the caption;

Photo News: Re-arrested inmates who escaped from lawful custody at Oko Correctional Centre, Benin City, Edo State during the ENDSARS protests. L-R: Peter Felix Osas, Onaruje Benjamin – convicted and was on death-row at the time of escape.

The second post, shared few minutes later, was of two persons — Duleji Abubakar and Talatu Ibrahim — who allegedly had six AK-47 rifles in their possession.

However, Nigerians were quick to detect that the both images used in the posts were photoshopped and called out the Police over this.

The four men captured in the first picture posed alongside what appeared to be false shadows, which might even be mistaken to be their ghosts.

Standing behind them were visibly white images, nearly the same height and shape as three of the men.

Police Clears Air Over Alleged Photoshopped Pictures Of Arrested Suspects

The second picture shows a man and woman standing behind a table upon which were placed guns, cartridges and bullets.

On a closer look, the items on the table appear to be almost suspended in the air in defiance of the law of gravity.

Police Clears Air Over Alleged Photoshopped Pictures Of Arrested Suspects

Close examination showed the images have been manipulated as both showed various inconsistencies with the original shots.

Further checks also revealed that the reflection of the female suspect does not appear in the window behind her, while a white background appears from nowhere beside the arm of her male counterpart.

The development prompted many Nigerians to question how many innocent people may be languishing in prisons and jails due to being falsely accused after photoshopped images have been used to incriminate them.

Reacting to this on Wednesday, the Force stated that there was absolutely no misrepresentation or any intention whatsoever to deceive members of the public.

According to police in a statement, the case involves one Talatu Ibrahim from whom six AK49 rifles were recovered and one other, Duleji Alhaji Abubakar who gets arms supply from her to carry out series of kidnapping and armed robbery in Kwara State.

It added that the pictures are authentic and true representation of the suspects and exhibits.

NPF stressed that the pictures were taken separately and merged into one screen for a seamless understanding of the storyline.

It expressed that the arms showcased in the picture were the exhibits recovered by Police operatives from the suspects.

Read the full statement below;

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