Mike Pence Formally Certifies Joe Biden As Next US President (video)


Mike Pence Formally Certifies Joe Biden As Next US PresidentUnited States Vice President Mike Pence has on Thursday certified Electoral College vote declaring Joe Biden as the next President of the country, ending Donald Trump’s desperate campaign to overturn the election.

Pence made the final announcement after a nearly 15-hour saga that saw rioting supporters of President Donald Trump invade the U.S. Capitol Building that left four people dead.

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He said;

The whole number of electors appointed to vote for President of the US is 538, of which a majority is 270. Joseph R Biden, of the state of Delaware received for President of the US, 306 votes. Donald J Trump of the state of Florida has received 232.

Bombs, long guns and Molotov cocktails were also discovered in the Capitol grounds following the violence.

The mob interrupted the certification of results as they smashed through police barricades, stormed into the halls of the Capitol and even sat in the Senate chamber.

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They looted offices, vandalized statues and confronted police as they rampaged through the Capitol, carrying Confederate flags, in hours of anarchy which shocked the world. Lawmakers were rushed off the floor of the House and Senate – and brought back at 8pm under armed guard while outside the mob defied a curfew in Washington D.C.

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Congress’ overwhelming rejection of attempts to overturn the vote and Pence’s role in it will surely further enrage Trump, who wanted his VP to unilaterally overrule Biden’s win.

However  the US president was banned from Twitter for 12 hours on Wednesday due to violating the company’s rules, preventing from making further false assertions about the result of the election.

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With the certification of Biden’s victory, Trump is left with just 13 days of his presidency till Joe Biden and his vice-President elect, Kamala Harris are sworn in on January 20.

Watch a video of Mike Pence certifying Biden’s victory below;

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