Twitter Users Accuse Police Of Negligence As They Mourn Young Techpreneur, David Ntekim-Rex Killed By Robbers In Lagos


Friends Mourn As Robbers Kill Young Techpreneur, David Ntekim-Rex In LagosTwitter users have accused Nigerian Police of negligence after a 22-year-old Computer Systems Engineer, David Ntekim-Rex, was on Friday, January 15 gunned down by armed robbers in Jibowu area of Lagos State.

Ntekim-Rex, according to a 2018 statement by IBM, beat 17,000 others from around the world, including finalists from Brazil, Germany, India, Japan, Nepal, and the United States to emerge as the co-regional winner of the annual Master the Mainframe competition, organised by IBM Academic Initiative System z.

Friends Mourn As Robbers Kill Young Techpreneur, David Ntekim-Rex In Lagos

According to reports from friends and family members on social media, the tech guru bagged several certificates and accomplishments before graduating from Department of Systems Engineering at University of Lagos in 2019.

As stated in his LinkedIn profile, Ntekim-Rex until his death was working as a Product Designer at a Financial Technology firm, Crevatal.

Friends Mourn As Robbers Kill Young Techpreneur, David Ntekim-Rex In LagosThe deceased, who was the son of Dr. Yewande Ntekim-Rex, a senior lecturer at the English Department at University of Lagos, was robbed and gunned down on his way home on Friday night.

A relative of the deceased, who tweeted with the handle, @Magnanimous_, blamed Ntekim-Rex’s death on negligence by the police force and hospital.

He alleged that the policemen who were called for help continued to cause unnecessary delays as life slowly left Ntekim-Rex.

The deceased’s relative tweeted;

My ‘auntie’ has three sons. She’s always crazy about them. The middle child, David, is the most promising. He is a tech guy; very young, very brilliant. David was on his way home on Friday night when he was robbed, shot and killed around Jibowu. Please say a prayer for my aunt.

Giving an update shortly after, he tweeted that Ntekim-Rex was shot around 8 pm and that when the police were called, he hadn’t died yet.

He alleged that Nigerian policemen took pictures instead and were more concerned with why he was carrying a laptop.

The Twitter user stated that tNtekim-Rex was taken to a military hospital around the area and it took a senior nurse to come out and start checking for a pulse but that he had lost a lot of blood at that point.

He further expressed that the police took Ntekim-Rex and his family to Sabo police station in Yaba where, he alleged that they looked for the laptop that he had on him instead of giving them a police report.

The Twitter user said the body of the tech guy was finally released to his family, and they got to Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) around 12.30 am.

He then revealed that ‌Ntekim-Rex was there till the family were convinced he couldn’t be alive because he had no pulse.

The Twitter user blamed the country, poor healthcare system and the police force for the death of his relative.

Friends revealed that days before he was killed, Ntekim-Rex had created an app for monitoring the success of New Year resolutions.

Friends Mourn As Robbers Kill Young Techpreneur, David Ntekim-Rex In Lagos

Confirming the incident, Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, said Nketim-Rex was dead before the police were notified, ThePunch reports. 

Adejobi added that the Divisional Police Officer and the Area Commander both intervened but there was nothing that could have been done to save the deceased.

He said;

On January 15, 2021, we were informed around 11.20 pm. On getting to the scene, policemen met his lifeless body but relations insisted that he was not dead. So, police took him to Military Hospital, Yaba but the hospital said they could not treat him and then referred him to LUTH.

He was accepted at LUTH and he was confirmed dead. The family returned to the police to get extracts at the station for mortuary. So, the allegation of the police abandoning him is not true. The incident is unfortunate and we sympathise with the family but we did what we could.

May his soul rest in peace.

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