Uganda Poll: Bobi Wine Claims Fraud And Violence Marred Election Day

Uganda Poll: Bobi Wine Claims Fraud And Violence Marred Election Day
Presidential candidate, Bobi Wine.

Uganda’s opposition leader Bobi Wine has on early Friday said that the country’s election had seen “widespread fraud and violence”, but he remained positive as votes were counted under an internet blackout.

The internet remained down for a third day as vote counting continued in the country. Results are expected by Saturday afternoon.

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Tweeting after managing to bypass internet blockage, Wine said;

Despite the widespread fraud and violence experienced across the country earlier today, the picture still looks good. Thank you Uganda for turning up and voting in record numbers.

The 38-year-old former singer-turned-lawmaker did not give details about his accusations, which contradicted the government’s account that Thursday’s vote had been peaceful with no major cases of violence reported.

President Yoweri Museveni is seeking a sixth term in office, and Wine is his main competitor among 11 opposition candidates.

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The election took place after one of the most violent campaigns in years, with harassment and arrests of the opposition, attacks on the media and scores of deaths.

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