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Photo: See Pills Kim Kardashian Made From Her Baby’s Placenta To Prevent Postpartum Depression


Photo: See Pills Kim Kardashian Made From Her Baby’s Placenta To Prevent Postpartum Depression

Kimm Kardashian

New mom Kim Kardashian West has revealed that she got her baby’s placenta made into pills to prevent postpartum depression.

The 35 year old reality star wrote on her website

‘So, I’m really not this holistic person or someone who would have ever considered eating my placenta,’ admitted Kim on her website

‘And when I say “eat my placenta,” I mean that I’m having it freeze-dried and made into a pill form—not actually fry it like a steak and eat it (which some people do, BTW).’
The 35-year-old explained that some friends of hers inspired her, after crediting the pills with stopping them from developing
‘I thought, why not try it? What do I have to lose?’

‘I really didn’t want the baby blues and thought I can’t go wrong with taking a pill made of my own hormones—made by me, for me,’ she wrote.
‘I started researching and read about so many moms who felt this same way and said the overall healing process was so much easier.’
Kim said she feels an energy surge each time she took a pill.
‘I had great results and felt so energized and didn’t have any signs of depression! I definitely had to do it again.
‘Every time I take a pill, I feel a surge of energy and feel really healthy and good. I totally recommend it for anyone considering it!’

Photo of the pill below:

What are your thoughts on making baby placenta into pill, yay, or ewwwww?

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