President Obama Appoints 34 Year Old Nigerian Adewale Adeyemo As Deputy National Security Adviser

President Barack Obama has  just  selected a Nigerian, 34 years old  Adewale “Wally” Adeyemo, to succeed Caroline Atkinson as his deputy national security adviser for international economic affairs. Prior to his appoint by President Obama, Adeyemo has  served in top roles at the Treasury Department.

Adeyemo’s new position as deputy national security adviser for international economic affairs will see him coordinating U.S. participation in the annual summits of the Group of 20 and Group of Seven countries, amongst other duties.

In a statement, Mr. Obama thanked Ms. Atkinson for her service and said he was grateful that Mr. Adeyemo would carry on her work. Mr. Adeyemo had been nominated by Mr. Obama to serve as assistant Treasury secretary for international markets and development, but a White House official said Mr. Adeyemo had asked the president to withdraw the nomination given his new role.

One of Adeyemo’s former bosses Mr. Lew said that he had “developed a network of international relationships in economic offices around the world to promote U.S. interests effectively.” Former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner  also said Mr. Adeyemo, who joined the administration in 2009, was a “natural diplomat with a great feel for policy.”

The position will serve as a springboard to even higher profile international finance posts for Adeyemo. Big congrats to him.

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