BEWARE OF FRAUD!!! Please Don’t Fall For This BVN Scam

So this morning I got the text message below.


The message seemed very irregular to me and Immediately suspected foul play but still I called the number out of curiosity.

It was busy for a while but after some time a man picked up the phone saying “Goodmorning Madam, you’re on to customer care service.”

I then ask “What customer service?” The guy at the other end of the line says “BVN customer service.”

I then told him I got a text this morning saying my atm had being deactivated and asked why? He answers by apologising an asking how many banks I use, I said GTB. He asks “just GTB?” I lied and insisted just GTB. He then said “Can you please give me the expiry date on your card and the numbers on it?”

Fo me this was all the confirmation I needed, because I know if there was any deactivation going on, banks will have immediately alerted customers not through a shady text message from’BVN’. I then ask: “I don’t understand, what kind of customer care service exactly is this?” the guy then hissed loudly and cuts the phone. He has since refused to pick the 070151655787  number.

Guys if you get this text, please do not fall for it o, call your bank customer care or go to the nearest branch of your bank to make enquiries. This may be the latest way by fraudsters(thats if it hasn’t been going on for a while ) to defraud people of their hard earned money and sadly, many people may fall for it.

Please spread the word, don’t let your loved ones fall victim.

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