She Means Business! 45 Year Old Virgin Desperate For Sex Advertises For Husband On Billboard

45-year-old actress put up a giant billboard poster advertising for a husband so that she can ‘get it once’ and lose her virginity before she dies.Thai TV actress Aranya ‘Pui’ Pathumthong put up the raunchy photograph of herself, captioned with the words ‘Want You’, in Bangkok.

The rest of the advert, which included her phone number, read: ’40 and a virgin. Pui Aranya is looking for a husband!

once before I die,’ it continued.

Aranya posed in her underwear for the advert while lying on her front, showing off her cleavage.


The B-list actress, who is actually 45, rented the huge display after failing to find a partner through dating agencies and apps.

She told local media she was serious about the appeal and had chosen to display her billboard in the Lat Phrao District of the Thai capital.
But police have fined the advertising agency responsible for the billboard 500 baht (£10) for public obscenity and ordered them to take down the poster.

A police spokesman said: ‘We want to question the woman on the poster about her motives.’

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