Top 10 Games To Play On Your Phone That Reduces Your Stress Level by Half 

images-9No matter what line of work that you do, you’re going to have days where you feel like ripping out your hair and screaming at somebody. We’ve all been there. 

Before you break down or do something stupid that lands you on the evening news, it’s probably a better idea to relax with some stress relief games.
Yes, there there’s something inherently more appealing and more satisfying about turning everything into a game. And that includes how you choose to deal with your daily stresses.

Of course, what could be a great way to relieve stress for one person could just as easily be a source of added stress for someone else. That’s why i’ve come up with a good assortment of stress relief games; there’s bound to be something in here that will work for you.

Afterall, putting your mind at ease will let you work harder, smarter, and more efficiently. Here are the top 10 mobile games that reduce your stress cobsiderably:

1. Candy Crush

2. Plants Vs Zombies

3. FIFA Manager 

4. Angry Birds

5. Monopoly

6. Temple Run

7. Sniper

8. Chess

9. Snooker Monte Carlo

10. Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Remember, Stress is a silent killer. Always dedicate alone time to relax no matter how busy you may be.

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-Source: GameSpot, PC Gaming

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