Watch In Shock How This Lion Eats His Trainer Before Screaming Audience (Shocking Video And Pics)

Horrifying footage has emerged showing the moment a circus trainer was mauled to death by one of his Lions during a live show in Egypt.

Trainer Islam Shaheen, 35, was filmed motioning at a lion with a stick as another lion climbed up a ladder during the performance in Alexandria.

At that moment, a third lion launches a savage attack on the trainer, rearing up and biting him in the neck as watching children scream in terror.

Other trainers rushed to try and help Shaheen, lying helpless on the ground, by poking the lion with sticks, but the Lion seemed hell bent on its mission.

Shaheen was rushed to Andalusian Salam hospital but died later from his injuries.
He had worked as a circus trainer for ten years according to his brother.

Mohammed Mustafa, the circus spokesman, said the attack happened as the lion was in the mating season and so behaving erratically.


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