5 Pictures Of Falz From Tanzania That Will Most Definitely Crack You Up [Photos]

Falz’ ability to make fans keel over with laughter is one of the core attributes he has that has endeared him to music lovers and Nigerians as a whole.

He has a number of core ingredients (talents), that has meshed up to make him a lovable brand to most industry fans and non-fans alike.

His career which ultimately started from Instagram has seen him amass over 1.3million followers on Instagram alone. When it comes to humour, Falz is king. Falz’s videos and skits go viral within hours.

The artiste who is currently enjoying quality time in Tanzania has been seen in several shots that has surfaced online, mingling with the Masai warriors as they danced their hats off.

In a bid to enjoy mother nature, the funny singer paid a visit to a Tanzanian wildlife reserve.

And here are the results, lol.

Photo Credit: Instagram



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