From A Bloggers Desk: Are You Trying To Lose Weight? If Yes, What Are You Doing To Achieve Your Weight Goals 

Me I discovered something called the Military Diet(Please Google), and it’s hard as hell. It’s not military in the real sense but a strict diet that drastically reduces your food portions and prescribes food choices to help loose weight drastically while balancing your diet. Some say if followed strictly, one can lose up to 4.5kg in a week.

I’m not sure I’ve been able to adhere to it strictly but I’m trying really hard. As a result I’m constantly hungry because my body is still trying to adjust to the drastic reduction of food portions. When the hunger gets out of hand, I drink loads of water or oranges sometimes. I’m been watchful of the quantity of even fruits I take too lol. 

I’ve decided to start exercising too because(I hate it by the way) but I want to concentrate more on my food portions because weight loss they say is 80% what you eat, 20% exercise.

It’s only been a week but with each day it’s getting better and I’m hoping that I meet my weight loss goal by my birthday in April. 

So MDBer’s whose trying to lose weight? What are you doing? I have heard of all sorts from military diet, to intermittent fasting, to slim teas/coffee, to weight loss capsules and shakes amongst other things. 

Let’s discuss. Share your thoughts/ experience below.👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

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