10 Things Women Do With Their Nipples When They’re Bored

1) Women talk to their nipples when they’re bored. They say things like: ” Why do you keep standing?” It’s true…we will never tell you.

2) Women compare there nipple lengths to women with smaller boobs.

3) Try to type on their phones with them.

4) Some put makeup on their nipples.

5) Turn themselves on and watch their nipples stand. Then fall again. This amuses them.

6) Place it on the edge of a cold surface and see if their nipples stick.

7) Put of their cigarettes with their nipples.

8) Take photos if their nipples and then delete it from their phones because they fill weird all of a sudden.

9) Push their nipples in and found how long it takes for it to poke back out. Some even place bets with their friends.

10) Use it to write by dipping the tip in ink.


Feel free to add anything you feel I’ve left out. Cheers…..

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