“We Want Justice On Seun Egbegbe…This Is Not The First Time He Has Come To Rob Us” – Computer Village Traders


A visit to computer village where the incident happened will make you discard all the press releases from Seun Egbegbe’s camp. Seun Egbegbe is Toyin Aimakhu’s notorious former lover after she left her husband, Adeniyi Johnson.

You may recall that the relationship was violent with accusation and counter-accusations. Toyin was reported to have fled for her life before Seun came on a video interview after the incident to tell the world that his former mistress cannot find a man who will satisfy her.

This notoriety of Seun Egbegbe is known all over the famous computer village market also. He is said to be extremely influential with Lagos Area boys and had the backing of some unknown godfathers.

This is not the first time Seun has been enmeshed in a case like this but before things could get out of hand, everything got sorted. He has been allegedly involved in many of such cases without repercussions.

According to an eye witness, “This is not his first time. He has done the same thing to more than three people in this market”, a computer village trader who doesn’t want his identity disclosed said as he takes me round the market, he pointed at those shops where Seun’s escapade had once been felt without repercussions.

I further queried if the said incident was a movie as being suggested by some.

“It is not a behind the scene movie as many have said it is online. Dem no dey act any movie for here. He was a thief and he has been doing it before yesterday”, another trader said.

Everyone who spoke to us did so under anonymity because they said Seun Egbegbe is very influential among area boys and even amongst Police.

One man said “I have a wife and children at home. I don’t want them to become an orphan yet”.

The truth is that Seun is feared or should I say his supposed influence and the end game of it is feared. The ‘hush-hush’ in which the traders spoke to us further confirmed this. They spoke freely about it amongst themselves but once they sense you don’t belong, they get cautious.

“See, there were only 11 iPhones in the shop and he took 9 of them. This is the confirmed story”, said a member of CAMPAN (the association in charge of computer village) before directing us to Area F where he is being held.

The pictures of Seun Egbegbe which has been circulating online with was taken inside the CAMPAN office where he was taken to when nabbed. Reports from Computer village is that Seun would have been badly beaten if his boys didn’t quickly alert Police who came to his rescue before further injury could be inflicted on him.

“Seun Egbegbe ran my business down”, another trader said.

This trader showed me how big his shop used to be and how Seun deceived his apprentice to steal his shop’s goods while he was away. Even though the matter was reported to the Police, nothing was done about it, according to the trader.

The market is full with tales of how Seun’s day job is robbery while using movie production as a front.

This morning, traders visited Area F to confirm if the rumour of Seun’s release is true. They protested and in the course of their protest, the commissioner of Police drove him. He listened to them and promised them that the matter will not be swept under the rug. This is the assurance the traders are holding on to.

In an exclusive interview we had with a trader in the know but who doesn’t want his identity revealed for security purposes, he had this to say:

“It’s true. He came to computer village around 10am yesterday. He went directly to the shop and said he wants to buy iPhone 6s. The sales boy attended to him. He said he wants to buy only one phone and has N200 000 in his hands. As a matter of fact, we all know what is going on in the market. To buy one iPhone 6s is N225 000.

So, he brought money out that he wants to buy and he gave the guy bag to pack almost 9 phones. After that he said the boy should follow him to collect money. When he got outside he nearly beat the boy down and jumped into the car, about to run away but the boy caught the motor and was dragging with him.

Along the line, it was his intention to go. It’s not as if he wanted to pay the money. Such activity has happened that he’s the one that is doing it which everybody knew. All what he’s doing, that is his way. It’s not as if Seun Egbegbe is a very rich man. That is the way he’s bee doing. He has done a lot of atrocities in computer village.

I don’t have much to say but one thing I want is.. we are pleading if the government can help us to stop him, that we don’t want to see him around Computer Village, Ikeja generally. If government can help us, please. That is that. He is a bloody thief.

We want justice please. Let them help us.”

We inquired if the case will be going to court:

“That is what they intend to do. We want them to take the case to the court. Either we are lying or he deny the case. Let everybody, even all the Press people come to Area F to witness the case and to know that what we are saying is true. And let him face the warrant that is there. Anything that is there, let him face it. He’s in Area F at Ikeja. We want justice please. That’s what we want.”

The Police PRO, Dolapo Badmus also confirmed to us in an exclusive chat that Seun Egbegbe is indeed still held at Area F Police station.

Source: BroadwayAfrica

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