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Girly Guide: Twenty Things To Do When You Have A Really Single, Broke And Bored Weekend


Girly Guide: Twenty Things To Do When You Have A Really Single, Broke And Bored Weekend

1) Count your ceiling boards

2) Listen to a dry song that would help you sleep

3) Watch tv and fart all day

4) Call your ex with a hidden number

5) Greet your dry uncles or aunts

6) Sit on your balcony or by the window and listen.You’ll definitely get some jist on the outside.

7) Masturbate…Yes…I said it. Stop forming holy.

8) Cook and take photos of what you made.

9) Pay a surprise visit to bae’s house with the hope of catching him cheating

10) Call up your F**k boy.

11) Stalk your exes new boyfriend or girlfriend with your hidden social media accounts.

12) Lie down and start going through bae’s past f**kups you planned to treat

13) Delete your bosses messages on WhatsApp and texts so you can lie that you didn’t receive any messages to come to work over the weekend.

14) Get naked and lie on the bare cold marble floor

15) SnapChat Bobrisky

16) Look at the mirror and complain about how much weight you put on while eating lots of fried yam.

17) Take an epic shit and before you flush, look at it and act like your amazed that such a monstrousity could be made by you.

18) Log into for amazing stories and latest news

19) Tell the guy you’re crushing on that you miss him and want to hang out. Osho free movies for you.

20) Sing with your horrible voice because no one is around to hear or judge you.

Comment below if you have any ideas of your own…Cheers Fam!!!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ristybaba

    January 23, 2017 at 6:14 pm

    If it’s a ‘REALLY SINGLE…’ weekend, how come number 9 I there? A single person cannot have a bae to catch cheating na

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