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10 Things To Get A Woman For Valentine’s Who Has Everything 


10 Things To Get A Woman For Valentine’s Who Has Everything 

As we all guys know…The “dreaded” Valentine’s Day has come again.

Girlfriends, wives, mothers and even sidechicks and sugarmamas have another reason to demand gifts as a romantic gesture to express your love for them.

But in some cases where you have a wealthy girlfriend and you want to impress her, what do you get? That’s where we come in.

Here are my top 10 gifts you get a woman who literally has everything:

1. Get her portrait done.

2. Cook for her ( don’t buy because she would know) even if you can make boil egg do it. A real lover would appreciate the effort.

3. Make a video of how much she means to you and save it in her phone. Let her find it by herself.

4. Rosess may be costly so write her a long poem instead. Don’t text, write.

5. Propose to her (if you’re ready o. I didn’t send you message!!!)

6. Make love to her all weekend. ALL DAY

7. Slow dance with her at home with the lights off and radio on.

8. Call up a radio station and request her best song and tell the DJ recite a romantic note you wrote for her.

9. Watch movies at home. What she likes. Make popcorn cuddle on the living room sofa or bed all day.

10. If you have a bath tub, place candles round it And fill the tub with hot water. Then cuddle her in it while listening to some slow jamz.

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