Nicki Minaj Shreds Ex Safaree After He Accused Her Of Violent Assault (video)


Nicki Minaj has torn her ex Safaree to shreds in a new interview after Safaree took to Twitter to accuse the rapper of being violent towards him.

Safaree tweeted that Nicki cut him and he almost bled to death, yet he had to lie to the police that he tried to commit suicide so Nicki wouldn’t have to go to jail. Then Nicki replied, accusing him of stealing her credit card and taking money from her account.

The Twitter battle began after Nicki granted a radio interview where she spilled a lot about what happened during their relationship.

Safaree has constantly told whoever cares to listen that he made Nicki who she is and he writes her lyrics. But Nicki said this was never the case. She said everyone in the industry knows she writes her lyrics by herself. She also said Safaree used to tell her she was never going to make it as a rapper. Then when she proved him wrong and succeeded, he began living off her and refused to work. He even began using her money to pay prostitutes, Nicki said.


“How dare you bite the hand that feeds you?” Nicki told to the radio host of Hot 97 of her relationship with Safaree.

“He told me to stop trying to pursue rap. He told me that I was living in a fantasy world and it would never happen. Him, his mother, and his sister called me a lazy bitch because I was pursuing my rap career.”


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