Go About Your Week With An ‘Oprah’ Mind Set


In an interview with Mike Wallace on CBS’s 60 minutes on Dec 14 1986, TV Mogul and CEO of OWN Network Oprah Winfrey was asked about her new talk show , and what she would so if it didn’t do well.
She responded with confidence that the show would do well, but added that if it didn’t, she would still do well, because she wasn’t defined by a talk show.

33 years later, we know that the show did more than well and Oprah is now one of the richest women in the world.

This video is another reminder why having a positive attitude is very important. Since I came into the knowledge that a positive attitude (of course coupled with hard work) attracts great things and a bad attitude vice versa, I’ve changed my mindset about everything in life. But more importantly I’ve changed my mindset about letting temporary setbacks give me a negative attitude which leads to self doubt. I always keep my eye on the vision no matter the circumstances.

Go About Your Week With An 'Oprah' Mind Set

Going forward, never doubt yourself when you embark on any endeavor. Don’t get me wrong, sometime having doubts is inevitable, but letting the doubt take control of our minds is what must never happen. So how do you handle doubt? Talk to God, and ask him for help. Then talk to people who are knowledgeable about how you can make your idea better. Do your research, read, but NEVER doubt yourself. If the idea doesn’t work out (which is most unlikely), you try again, possibly by doing the same thing better and applying wisdom acquired from mistakes made.

And if you’ve tried over and over again, you can try something else. But that’s not you giving up or throwing in the towel, because every experience comes with it’s unique lessons. And perhaps you needed to fail in that to be the best at the next thing you set your mind to do because of the experience you garnered from it.

So keep pushing, keep believing, and have the Oprah mindset as you go about your activities this week. It can only get better.

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