Entertainer, Justin UG Denies Statutory Rape Allegation, Shares Pictures As Evidence


Entertainer, Justin UG Denies Statutory Rape Allegation With Pictures As EvidenceNigerian-American entertainer, Chukwudi Justin Ugbonna better known as Justin UG has denied statutory rape allegations and shared various photos and screenshots of conversations with persons involved in the entire scandal to prove his innocence.

Last week, a young lady accused Justin UG of lying about being an adult and coercing her into having anal sex with her when she was only just 14-year-old.

The 17-year-old lady, who anonymously made the allegation through a Twitter user (@mamiwaterr), said she met Justin at a party held in 2016/2017 and they started messaging each other on social media app, Snapchat.

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She alleged that she told Justin that she was 14 and he told her he was 16-year-old turning 17.

The lady expressed that upon hearing that he was not a minor like herself, she revealed that her mind was relaxed and that it was “okay to mess around” since she was attracted to him.

She stated herself and the young man had anal sexual intercourse a couple of times until he left for America and blocked her across all social media platforms.

The teenager alleged that she later found out that he celebrated his 23rd birthday this year, which means he wasn’t 16-year-old when they met 3 years ago.

Reacting to this immediately, Justin UG denied been involved in any situation concerning grooming or sexual relations with an underage girl.

In his latest statement regarding the issue today, December 29, Justin UG expressed that himself and his team worked endlessly to gather more information on the alleged incident.

He revealed that he was not in Nigeria on
June 30, 2016 when the said rape incident happened and that he left Nigeria to the United States on June 29, 2016 and arrived the following day.

Justin UG expressed that he would be pursuing the matter legally, which is why he is unable to share all of the details of the evidence he has available, including the information on the suspect.

He also revealed that he has been contacted by someone who provided more information on the intentions of some persons to fabricate the story against him.

Read his full statement below;


Tuesday December 29th 2020

In light of recent allegations accusing me of statutory rape of an anonymous individual in 2016, I, Justin Chukwudi Ugonna, hereby refute and deny the claim in its entirety. My team and I have worked endlessly to gather more information on this alleged incident, and I will be sharing them with you below.

As publicly requested, I have been in contact with Didun Johnson (@mamiwaterr on Twitter) – who is responsible for the publication of these allegations. Didun Johnson made efforts to seek more information and proof from her initial source. I have included below all conversations between my team and Didun so that the public is aware that no form of coercion, bribery, or intimidation was involved in our exchanges with her, or the accuser.

On Monday, December 28th, after many efforts to get in contact with the accuser, Didun was successfully able to reach the accuser. With the permission of parties involved in the conversation -Didun Johnson and the accuser- their conversation via Instagram has been published below. Our initial request to the accuser was to provide us with screen recordings of the alleged conversation that was publicized as evidence of the allegation. She refused to share this information because she claimed to have “unsaved” the messages.

The accuser then shared, with Didun Johnson, the flyer of the event (#classified) that she attended on Saturday, 30th of July 2016. This was the event where she alleged that I statutory raped her and claimed that we had anal sex.

The accuser says that I statutory raped her on Saturday, 30th of July 2016 at a party in Jabi (which she then changed and claimed was in Sun City). On Friday, 29th of July 2016, I, Justin Chukwudi Ugonna, flew out of Nigeria to the United States to begin my first year of tertiary education at Georgia Southern University.

With this information uncovered, I am able to prove that I was not present at this party that the accuser claims I had anal sex with her. I have attached below a copy of my passport that shows my stamp of departure from Abuja on the 29th of July, and my arrival in the United States on the 30th of July.

In addition, I was contacted by an individual who provided more information on the intentions of persons to fabricate this story against me. More information regarding the discrepancies of the accuser’s claim, along with details that prove that I did not engage in the alleged Snapchat conversation with the accuser has been uncovered. I shall be pursuing this matter legally, and for this reason, I am unable to share all of the details of the evidence we have available, including the information on the suspect.

I am yet to understand why anyone will attempt to do this to me, but I am very thankful that the truth has been uncovered. To the best of my ability, I will keep everyone abreast on this issue. My stance on rape and statutory rape remains the same: I have never been involved and do not condone anything of such a manner.

It is important that when we hear these stories and accusations we take a second to meticulously examine them in order for the experiences of true victims not to be undermined. Thank you to everyone that has supported me these past days, and thank you all for being patient with me.


Justin Chukwudi Ugonna.

Justin UG, in a follow up tweet, shared an image of his passport page showing the date of my departure from Nigeria and the offical flyer of the said party where his accuser said they met.

In another tweet, Justin UG shared screenshots of conversations between his Public Relations representative and @mamiwaterr.

In his latest tweet, the entertainer shared screenshots of conversations between @mamiwaterr and his accuser.

Twitter user, @mamiwaterr who went public with the rape allegation made against Justin, also revealed that she has uncovered that it was a false alarm.

She tweeted;

This thread proves that Justin UG was falsely accused;

It is important to once again remind you all that there were solid snapchat screenshots. the accuser also mentioned the person that planned the party and sent me the party flyer while other people came forward to corroborate the story. It was not ever a baseless accusation.

We came forward with it genuinely wanting to bring the story to light, as it seemed feasible at the time. A formal statement will be issued soon on behalf of everyone of us who were dragged into this.

We cannot reveal the conversation JustinUG had with the Hannah in question right now. all screenshots initially presented, which seemed like solid evidence, were fabricated.

The Twitter user went on to share a statement and screenshots of conversations with other persons involved.

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